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I am a simple housewife and a mom to a busy 10 year old girl.  As far as  the IRS is concerned, I am unemployed.  My duties/function are but not limited to the following: family care-giver, cook, house cleaner, laundry woman, funds manager, grounds maintenance, logistics manager, project manager, house maintainance, volunteer representative of the family, public relations officer, events planner, etc.  I'm pretty low maintenance that's why my hubby can afford me to stay home.
During my leisure time, I do enjoy gardening and digital photograhy.   My family and I have been living in Anne Arundel County since 2001.  We now call the Broadneck  Peninsula home.  We love the outdoors of Maryland.  We enjoy taking long walks with our dog, fishing and canoeing.  We are beach-bum-wanna-be's.  I believe that we all have a role to conserve, protect and sustain the environment.  In my former life, I was a workaholic career girl in the Information Technology field and became a technical team lead at the age of 23.  I have a degree in B.S. Computer Science and right now thinking what to do with it. 
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