Ellen Kehrli-Steinberg
Dedicated to the business of Real Estate with the firm belief that if you are going to do something...DO IT WELL.  I love what I do and enjoy interacting with people and their individual situations.  I became licensed in 1992 when I realized I wanted to work but didn't want to "go back to work". I had an 18 month old, knew I was getting divorced and needed to work but more importantly wanted to be a full time parent.  Real Estate allowed me to have my cake and eat it too.  I am immersed in my business 24/7.  I am current, informed, understanding and patient.  Every single seller and buyer is unique and has different needs.  I enjoy accomodating all of my clients.  I want them to be as happy with me as I am with them.  Without my clients....I'm out of business.
"Your home IS my business"..and has been for 20 years.     Ellen Kehrli-Steinberg  516-316-7732
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