Reports Shed Light on FDHS Sexting Incident

Video of consensual sex act between high school students may have been distributed online.

According to a report in The Washington Post, an incident involving sexual acts and "inappropriate use of technology" by students at Frederick Douglass High School was indeed a case of sexting, but no laws appear yet to have been broken.

Citing anonymous sources, The Post reported over the weekend that the incident centered around a video recording of "a female student performing oral sex on a male student". 

According to The Post, officials are still investigating if charges could be filed against whomever recorded the video or for those who may have subsequently distributed the clip to others.  

A letter regarding the incident sent last week to parents of students enrolled at Frederick Douglass High School from Principal Rudolph Saunders warned that images of the incident may be circulating on the internet.

"We are further concerned that the electronic images of the incident are being distributed by students through various avenues," reads the letter. "It is extremely important that students are aware that transmittal of electronic images could lead to criminal charges."

School officials first became aware of the recording on  Wednesday, April 17. The sexual acts recorded were consensual, according to the letter, and occurred during an after school activity.


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