Pr. George's Bill Would Limit Fast Food Chains, Liquor Stores

The Washington Examiner is reporting that a new bill introduced by Prince George's County Council would require public and council feedback in order to change a vacant building's use.

It may be harder for developers in Prince George's County to fill a vacant building with a fast-food restaurant or liquor store, if a bill sponsored by five Prince George's County councilmembers passes.

According to The Washington Examiner, the bill would require building owners to notify the council if they plan on changing the building's permitted use, allowing time for both public and council comment.

Councilwoman Karen Toles, D-Suitland, introduced the bill after noting many liquor stores and fast food chains in her neighborhood, the Examiner reported. Her constituents told her they wanted "healthier" options.

A research analyst at the Center for Consumer Freedom, a nonprofit funded by restaurants, food companies and consumers, however told the Examiner that a 2009 Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis study found that the proximity of the fast-food restaurant to a family home had little effect on the children's weight.

J. Justin Wilson said the proposed bill was "government paternalism."

Read the full story on The Washington Examiner.

onemanband October 24, 2012 at 01:51 PM
Danny-You seem to be so hung up on this speeding issue and I trying to understand the connection between that and this article. There is appropriate punishment for reckless driving and i believe that has been levied here-lets move on! lets debate the merits of the proposed bill. I don't think proposing community involvment,the very community these businesses intend to serve, is too much to ask. for. You obviously have a different view and thats fine
Danny October 24, 2012 at 03:30 PM
this "speeding issue" was actually reckless driving, going over 100mph in a 55mph zone, making unsafe lane changes, and fleeing a police car with flashing lights and sirens. she could have killed someone. the "appropriate punishment" for ms. toles was probation before judgment, which means she gets no points on her license and just pays a fine. if it had happened in virginia or DC, she'd likely have lost her license and possibly be sent to jail. so ms. toles has no legitimacy in this PGC citizen's opinion, and certainly no legitimacy on issues about children's health. not to mention the fact that this proposal is stupid and makes PG less competitive for much-needed development. it's not burger king's fault that many kids are obese. it's parents -- supposed adults -- who make poor nutritional and lifestyle choices for both themselves and their kids. how about not taking your kids to fast-food restaurants if you don't think they're healthy?
onemanband October 24, 2012 at 04:35 PM
nice sparring with you Danny. We live in this beautiful nation where everyone is entitled to their opinion. I am concerned though as to the level at which the name callings and personal attacks has permiated our public discourse. I have moved away from cable TV and most of social media to forums like these where hopfully we can voice our differences, comment on issues but still be civil.
Danny October 24, 2012 at 04:55 PM
thanks so much for your view on civil discourse; you've really presented some ground-breaking points. have you considered writing for the washington post? as for me, i engaged in no "name-calling." i simply object to ms. toles' actions -- if that's a "personal attack" in your book, so be it. clearly you are OK with an elected official jeopardizing others' lives as long as she works to keep additional fast-food restaurants out of suitland. i'll have to disagree with you there. when legal sea foods or another healthy, upscale restaurant opens along silver hill road, i'll be happy to thank ms. toles for her advocacy. but until then, as suitland remains a commercially depressed, crime-stricken mess, i'll just consider her the councilwoman who fled police at 100mph on the beltway.
Emil Farkwarp October 26, 2012 at 02:20 PM
Utility bills were something I always requested from sellers and landlords. Overseas military rental housing offices included historic utility data on their approved properties in Spain, Germany, Italy, Greece, Korea, and Japan when I was stationed those places. If you really cannot figure out why that would be useful info to a buyer or tenant, you probably should not be allowed to use a computer. Or pencils. Most folks complied with the request. Those who did not got passed over (or locked out of the lucrative military rental market... but they WERE cheap!). Should it be required disclosure? Meh. PEPCO includes the previous 12 months usage on their bills and Washington Gas used to do same-month-of-previous year info for comparison; still might, I just haven't actually looked at the gas bill in ages. So can't a buyer just ask? Speedy Toles should publish a pamphlet on "Home Buying Tips in Gorgeous Prince George's" and include the suggestion buyers research utility usage as part of their due diligence. It could be her community service!


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