Prince George’s Headlines: Video Shows Police Hitting Handcuffed Man

Men argue, one is killed; Bowie man charged in multiple child sex abuse cases; pit bull bill passes in committee; rubbernecking is likely culprit in double Beltway accident, and more.


Video of a policeman repeatedly striking a handcuffed man emerges; a man dressed like a woman robs Bowie Bank; Riverdale man is fatally shot; Bowie man faces multiple child sex abuse charges; Senate committee passes pit bull bill; rubbernecking is likely culprit in double Beltway accident; search is on for new superintendent of public schools; and small businesses strive to survive in College Park—in Prince George's County headlines this week.

Report: Video Depicts Laurel Police Hitting Handcuffed Man
All eyes are on the Laurel Police Department after a video surfaced this week of a officer hitting a handcuffed man in the face. LPD say they are investigating the incident, which happened at a bar in Laurel over the weekend.

According to the police report, when the bank opened August, a suspect described as a black man in his 30s wearing women’s clothing entered the bank and gave the teller a note demanding money. The suspect is still at large.

Marcus Devon Reid is accused of fatally shooting 27-year-old Ishmael Boakye. The suspect and the victim were acquaintances and had been in an argument, according to police.

Bowie Man Charged in Two More Child Sex Abuse Cases
A Bowie man previously charged with the alleged sexual abuse of an 8-year-old boy, who was a family friend, has now been charged in two additional cases, according to Prince George’s County Police.

A bill that would overturn the state's Court of Appeals decision declaring pit bulls "inherently dangerous" overcame its first hurdle Thursday by passing a Senate committee hearing 7-2.

Rubbernecking Likely Culprit In Double Beltway Accident
Given the vicinity and the time, someone was likely rubbernecking, looked across and saw the other accident, according to Revel, who added that police see it all the time.

The public can learn more about the process and contribute ideas to the school board.

The city is promoting a locally-owned business week and offering special grants—but some say it isn't enough.


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