Upper Marlboro Readers Vent about Crime

Readers expressed aggravation after a January crime story in Prince George's County.

Commenters vented their frustration on the heels of a January story about Mark Atuonah who is charged with stealing a Nintendo Wii along with other items, according to the Prince George's County Sheriff's Office.

"These guys need a job it is really hard out here so they figure take it its easy," Joy Green stated at the end of the Upper Marlboro Patch report. "That is not right but that is the way they think." 

Marc Hinch commented, "It's getting bad. Make sure you photograph and note the serial numbers of your valuables."

The charges against Atuonah, 20, of Lanham, have not yet been adjudicated. But many commenters expressed  aggravation over a crime problem that reaches beyond Lanham's borders.

"I'm not the most frugal person but I don't take money from others to indulge myself or my children for stuff I know I haven't earned or can't afford," Sonia Stewart stated.

Reader's did not directly address Atuonah but they did share their concerns over crime. 

"Drugs(,) no jobs, no education what do you expect," stated Green.

"I expect people to start teaching values and consequences again to their children," Stewart stated. "Whether I like it or not I do expect to get a ticket if I speed. I still have an old 20 inch TV because there are other things I need before I get a 50 inch flat screen… I find no reason to take from others."

What about you? Share your ideas about area crime with fellow readers in the comments below.

Fred Habit January 18, 2013 at 03:16 PM
What do you expect . Take from the rich guy. We are taught that from politicans and all of the leftists. In simple terms remember rich is something you have that I dont but I want. For politicians its in the form of taxes and for everyone its called stealing. Morals, responsiblity, self dignity we dont have any. Hey, maybe we can teach it in our schools, during the class on Government and talk about the coorupt politicians. Or during health and sex ed. . They can discuss teachers sex with students ( since we read about it every week) or even gay and lesbian sex. I 'm sure someone out there has thougth this would be a great idea. And why not, is it not accepted in our communities , military and of course our beloved media. If this is the new normal then starting putting men on top of men on prime time TV. Lets not discriminate!!!!!!!


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