Police Arrest Armed Robbery Suspect

Police arrest a man suspected of armed robbery. Suspect already was under investigation for previous assaults.


A man who allegedly robbed three people at gunpoint and stole their car and other belongings was arrested Friday on an armed robbery warrant.

Officials say Roberto Miles robbed the three individuals before pepper spraying them in a hotel in Largo, Md. on June 12. 

Police investigating the crimes were led to the 3200 block of Walters Lane in Forestville, Md., where they were able to find Miles and take him into custody. He was then transported to the Prince George’s County Correctional Center and is being held without bail.

Miles was also under investigation for a previous crime in which he allegedly robbed a man and woman at gunpoint at the same hotel on May 16. Officials say Miles had an accomplice in both crimes that they have not yet identified.

According to police, Miles is being charged with two counts of thefts less than $1,000, two counts of theft between $1,000 and $100,000, use of mace and chemical devices with the intent to injure, firearm use in the commission of a violent crime unlawful taking of a motor vehicle, three counts of armed robbery and three counts of first degree assault.


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