Friends, Teachers Honor Memory of Slain Honors Student

Those who knew her flooded Twitter and social media sites to express their sorrow at the death of Amber Stanley, who was gunned down by an intruder while in her bedroom.

A gunman entered 17-year-old Amber D. Stanley’s home on Chartsey Street Wednesday night and .

Stanley was a senior honors student at Charles H. Flowers High School and according to WUSA9, had dreams of attending Harvard University next year.

Police told The Washington Post it’s likely the gunman had planned to kill someone specific because he or she did not take anything from the home and fled immediately after the shooting.

However, they said it’s not clear whether the gunman entered the wrong home or bedroom.

The Post reported that Stanley was a studious, seemingly shy student who tutored her peers and aspired to become a doctor – she was enrolled in Flowers’ Science and Technology program, which admits only the top 15 percent of county students who apply.

But those closest to her told The Post she also had an outgoing side.

“She was very popular among students,” her former teacher, Lisza Morton-Wilson told The Post. “She was known for her positive attitude.”

Stanley tweeted frequently about her life, sometimes commenting on one easy class, lightly complaining about another or excitedly posting about seeing a friend.

“Genetics class . . . I have a good feeling about it. I love that we can eat & drink,” she tweeted Tuesday.

On Aug. 19, the day before Prince George’s County students’ first day of school, she tweeted an image of huge, chocolate cupcakes she baked, which The Post reported she shared at school.

“I hope she likes chocolate frosting,” Stanley tweeted, apparently referring to Morton-Wilson, who told The Post the cupcakes were great. 

Stanley also joked on Twitter that day about back-to-school preparations, asking a friend if tomorrow was the first day of school and tweeting that she was already failing a class.

After news of her death spread, friends took to Twitter to express grief and post memories of Stanley.

“What a wake up call?? R.I.P.,” one user tweeted. 

Check out media coverage, as well as tweets and pictures posted in Stanley’s memory here.

Another user wrote: “Rest In Peace Beautiful! You had your whole life ahead of you. I was suppose to see you on Saturday! :( I miss you so much!”

Police have no suspects in the shooting. The Post reported that officers visited Stanley’s home last week for an issue with Amber’s foster sister, but it was not clear whether that visit was related to this incident.

“At this early stage of the investigation, we are exploring any and all possibilities,” Julie Parker, a county police spokeswoman, told The Post.

nikki August 25, 2012 at 11:45 PM
Wow my heart n prayers to the family
Marcus Aurelius August 27, 2012 at 07:16 PM
rest in peace
Sharron September 12, 2012 at 05:36 PM
Wow my is sooooo sadden at this just to see young people that have not even lived there lives just beening taking away from here my payers go out to the family for here lost my god keep y'all in all that u do... God we ask that u find the person that done this please bring some closer to this case in the name of JESUS....
arlene wilkerson September 16, 2012 at 02:08 AM
Rest in Peace Amber, To the person who committed this crime, this is for you, when you committed this crime and walked away what where your thoughts, did it make you a better person, did you feel special, what was on your mind, now as you walk through this life after committing such an awful crime, how do you live with yourself, when you see that police car do you panic, do you think about what you have done, have you committed such a crime before, stop for a second think, how would you feel if it were someone you loved your mom,sister, or even a friend, did she make you that mad you had to take her life,you could of been all the things she was,I know you see all this on the news and you do watch the news, because you want to know if they have any clues to point them to you, if by chance you are reading this, if you are a man or a woman you have not gotten away with this crime, god knows who you are if the police don't, and he knows thats a horrible crime you have committed, you might think you have gotten away, you haven't, why? you have to live with yourself, and its on your mind, if you want to do the right thing, you probally don't know what the right thing is, because you thought killing Amber was right, turn yourself in thats the right thing to do,and ask god to help you, you can't tell anyone about what you did, just turn yourself in, and let this family have closure, and you as well, Amber may your soul rest in peace, god bless the family who is going through this,


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