Former MPD Officer Convicted Of Stealing Her Brother's Identity

Jamell Stallings faces a sentence of 150 years for using her Brandywine, MD, brother's identity to get loans, according to prosecutors.


A former Metropolitan Police Department officer from Brandywine, MD, has been convicted of counterfeiting, identity fraud and theft, after stealing her brother's identity, prosecutors announced Tuesday.

Jamell Stallings, 46, stole and used her brother's identity to apply for loans, according to Angela Alsobrooks, Prince George's County State's Attorney.

Stallings, who is scheduled to be sentenced on April 2, faces a maximum sentence of 150 years, according to prosecutors.

“Police officers take an oath to serve and protect the citizens of the jurisdictions in which they work,” Alsobrooks said.  “Ms. Stallings not only violated that oath, she went even lower by taking advantage of her own brother to live a lavish lifestyle." 

Stalling's brother, Ronald Greene, thought he was going with his sister to Navy Federal Credit Union in the Navy Yard Branch in DC to open an account for himself, but without his knowledge she added her name, making herself a joint owner of the account, according to prosecutors. Then she took out a $5,000 loan using Greene's name and Social Security number, prosecutors said.

Stallings also faxed Navy Federal a falsified W-2 from the MPD District 5 police station where she worked to help her obtain the loan, according to John Erzen, spokesman for Prince George's State's Attorney's. The fake W-2 said her brother made $46,000 in 2006 while working for Brookstone Financial Group in Laurel, MD, which is no longer in operation, according to prosecutors. 

The head of Brookstone, John Kelley, said Greene never worked for him, but that Stalling's husband, Thurman, did, according to prosecutors.

Stallings spent $2,500 of the loan on various items and transferred the remainder to her own personal account, prosecutors said. 

Stallings then took out an automobile loan for $13,000 in her brother's name, according to Erzen. But she forged the certified check Navy Federal wrote in her brother's name for an automobile purchase — to look like Greene gave it to her, according to Erzen.

Prosecutors said she then deposited the check in her personal account and withdrew the money to pay off her own car. That left her brother with a $13,000 loan to pay off for a car he never bought, according to Erzen. Whether or not restitution ends up being part of her sentencing will be determined in the sentencing hearing, Erzen said.

"Her selfishness has caught up with her and she will have a long time to reflect upon her poor judgment," Alsobrooks said.


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