Why Prince George's Needs an Indie Movie Theater

Residents shouldn't have to leave the county to see an independent film.

Have you ever seen an independent film trailer and couldn't wait for the movie to hit the local indie theater? Too bad for us, because there is no independent movie theater in Prince George's County. Sure, we have impressive indie theaters in D.C. and Montgomery County, but we need one here. So to see that indie film, you'll have to burn precious time and gas.

I recently went to see The Devil's Double at E Street Cinema. While the movie was truly epic, I was truly disappointed that I had to drive all the way to D.C. to see it. I know I have spoken before about the county's need for independent movie theaters, but now is the time to make that happen. E Street is a great platform for independent cinema, but I can't believe indie cinema doesn't have a home in my backyard.

I work around the clock, so I don't always feel like battling D.C. traffic. Depending on the event, I'll make the sacrifice. But when it comes to a relaxing Sunday, I just want to go somewhere within the county. I don't think I’m asking for too much. I know it is possible.

Years ago, going to the movies was like going to the prom. You dressed up for it and relished the experience. Everyone deserves that experience, whether you're shooting films here, or watching a good independent film on the silver screen. County residents deserve the option.

Most of us here already think on a larger scale. See Prince George's County as more than a "livable community." We can do more. Become a part of the process and check out your local and international film festivals. You should know what's going on in the independent box office.


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