What Do You Recommend at China Taste Restaurant?

This Chinese eatery in downtown Upper Marlboro is in a great spot, but what do you think of the food.


It's in downtown Upper Marlboro, right along Main Street, so have you ever eaten at China Taste Restaurant?

None of our readers have rated the restaurant yet and if you work or live in Upper Marlboro you may have gotten a bite to eat there. The restaurant at 14707 Main Street has been in town since 1990 and offers both Chinese and American cuisine.

Their lunch buffet seems to be a popular destination for hungry county employees. But China Taste says their crispy fried wontons are their signature dish.

So have you tried China Tastes buffet or wontons? What do you think of their food? What would you recommend to someone going their for the first time?

Rate China Taste Restaurant in the directory listing on Patch and leave your recommendations in the comments below!

Maleficent October 12, 2012 at 07:12 PM
Their wonton soup is marvelous medicine for colds.


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