First Impressions Are Everything

Local filmmaker Tanecia Britt discusses the need for professionalism in the county arts scene.

While I like some "DMV" (District, Maryland, and Virginia) artists, I am not a huge fan of the local music scene. I am approached often about directing music videos and rarely agree to do so.

When I first got back to the D.C. from London, I worked with many different artists. Thankfully, they still come to me for video work. But I have decided to not take on any new clients. The way everyone picks up a camera to shoot video without talent has really taken the exclusivity out of it. Therefore, I have decided to take myself out of that circle.

I was recently approached by one of my clients, who happens to be a Prince George's County native. He recently created the song, “Hometown Hero," which I think is a magnificent track. So it was only natural to take on the gig and give this project my all. As a county native, I thought there was nothing better than shooting the entire video here.

I really wanted to do something for the county, so I put out a “model call” for local talent. Ironically, I received a photo and biography from a model in Upper Marlboro. When I read her bio, I thought to myself “Wow, I may have a winner from the county!”

That was until I looked at her photos. She never got the public memo about professionalism.

If you're a model or have talent in general, presentation is everything. You have to expect to be judged. Presentation will tell your story, whether you like it or not. A photo should tell a story, and you have to make sure each of your photos say something about you. It has to be presented in the best way possible.

When it comes to music videos, I have come to understand the theory behind them. Each music video is a chance to do something different, a chance to be noticed for your talents. With each gig -- whether it is a commercial, music video, informercial, feature or short -- bring your “A” game.

Presentation is a must, so keep your standards high. Image is everything, so don't sell yourself short. 


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