Bowie City Council Endorses Verjeana Jacobs for School Board

The Bowie City Council urges residents to support incubent Verjeana Jacobs for the District 5 Board of Education school board seat.

Dear Bowie Residents,

We, the undersigned, who serve as your non-partisan, elected leaders of the City of Bowie are all enthusiastically supporting Jeana Jacobs, Esq., current school board chair, for the upcoming non-partisan School Board Election in District 5 serving the Bowie area.

As you know, our school system has many challenges facing it in the near term; the hiring of a new school superintendent, shrinking resources from our state government and recruitment/retention of the best and brightest teachers to instruct our children. Ms. Jacobs, the current school board chair, has been on the board for six years and has been selected by her peers to lead them for the past 5 years. That alone is a testament to her leadership and ability to work cooperatively with parents, teachers, administrators and her colleagues on the board. 

During Ms. Jacobs’ tenure, our school system has seen marked improvement in test scores, removal of schools from the state's "watch list" of failing schools and the expansion of programs that parents and teachers alike have been seeking for years, including:

  • The opening of the new Northview Elementary School
  • A full TAG Center at Heather Hills Elementary School
  • The recent recognition of Whitehall Elementary School as a National Blue Ribbon School; and
  • Instrumental in helping in getting the playground improvements at Pointer Ridge Elementary School.  

In addition, she has been a consistent supporter of a new high school in Bowie.

We have each worked with Ms. Jacobs over the past several years and know she possess’ all of the life skills, both personal and professional, and experience that we should demand of our school board representatives.  Our board chair also serves as a role model for our children and County by showing that hard work and doing the right things in life has its rewards.

We hope that you join us, along with the Washington Post and the Bowie Star/Gazette newspapers in supporting Jeana Jacobs for our School Board representative from District 5 on Tuesday November 6th.

Thank you,

Hon. G. Fred Robinson

Hon. Dennis Brady 

Hon. Todd M. Turner

Hon. Diane Polangin

Hon. Jimmy Marcos

Hon. Isaac Trouth

Hon. Henri Gardner

Members, Bowie City Council


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