MD Earth Day Poster Contest for Elementary and Middle Schoolers

Students are encouraged to show what Marylanders can do to help restore the Chesapeake Bay.


Students in kindergarten through 8th grade are eligible to participate in the first Earth Day poster contest by the Maryland Department of the Environment. The theme is "Reclaim the Bay."

MDE encourages students to submit an entry depicting what Marylanders can do to help restore the Chesapeake Bay. MDE hopes the contest will help raise awareness about Maryland's bay watershed restoration efforts and to let Marylanders know things they can do to help restore the bay. 

The deadline for entering is April 8.

Since this is the first year of the competition, organizers don't know how many entries to expect; so they will determine the number of winners based on the submissions they receive, said Adrienne Diaczok, spokeswoman for MDE. The winners will receive an award that organizers are now determining, according to Diaczok. 

The poster competition will coincide with MDE's Recalim the Bay awareness campaign, according to Diaczok. "It's all about simple activities that Marylanders can do to do their part to protect the bay," Diaczok said, then shared some examples from MDE's website.

10 Things Marylanders Can Do Today to Reclaim the Bay

1. Don’t Litter 

2.  Use Fertilizer Sparingly

3. Build a Rain Garden or Rain Barrel

4.  Scoop the [Pet] Poop 

5.  Drive Less

6.  Reduce Electricity 

7.  Volunteer 

8.  Make an Appointment to Service Your Septic System 

9.  Dispose Properly of Hazardous Household Items – Oils, anti-freeze, paint, cleaners and prescription drugs shouldn’t be poured down a household or storm drain. 

10. Tell a Friend – Share one of these tips with a friend today.

MDE's website shares further details on the ten items and why they make a difference.

Poster contest instructions and an entry form are also found on MDE's website.


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