Auto Part Thefts from Metro Parking Lot in Pr. George's

The auto repair for the stolen part can cost more than $1,000, the parts themselves sell for $70 to $100 on the Internet, according to a WUSA 9 report.


Car parts were taken off cars in the Branch Avenue Metro parking lot, according to a WUSA 9 video report. The thefts happened in broad daylight.

People with power tools crawled under cars in the parking lot on Friday and cut the catalytic converters on their exhaust systems off, according to the report.

Catalytic conveters contain precious metals like platinum and sell for $70 to $100 on the Internet, according to Scott Bloom with WUSA 9.

Victim Maurice Markos said his car and two others were attacked, according to the WUSA 9 video report. Broom said the Markos repair will cost at least $1,000.


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