Report: Blockbuster Will See More Store Closures

Blockbuster plans to close hundreds of stores, according to CNN.

Blockbuster, the brick and mortar video store that has struggled in recent years amid competition from other video rental services, such as Redbox and Netflix, is warning that it will be closing more of its unprofitable stores.

Blockbuster, owned by Dish Network, plans to close “hundreds of stores in the coming weeks,” also, cutting jobs, according to a Jan. 22 CNN Money article.

According to the Christian Science Monitor, 300 Blockbuster stores across the country will close, with a loss of about 3,000 employees.

Blockbuster has already left parts of Maryland, closing its Upper Marlboro store on Campus Way in April 2011.

Blockbuster still operates a few kiosk locations in Upper Marlboro, including at:

  • Food Lion, outdoor kiosk, 5715 Crain Hwy.
  • Rite Aid, indoor kiosk, 9530 Crain Hwy.
  • Food Lion, outdoor kiosk, 9500 Se Crain Hwy.

The first Blockbuster opened in Texas in 1985. With some 4,000 stores at its peak, it was once the leader in the video rental space, and the place to go to pick up new releases as well as classic movies, at a fraction of what it would cost to see them at a cinema, according to a Patch article.


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