Upper Marlboro Movie Scoop: Popular Red Box Rentals

Find out the top 10 rented movies for the week and Red Box locations in Upper Marlboro.


Here are the hit Red Box movies for the past seven days and Red Box store locations in Upper Marlboro. Share your own local reviews with Upper Marlboro readers below.

The star ratings come from Red Box's average of its website readers reviews. Click on links to get the Internet Movie Database's description, ratings and cast.

Top 10 countdown on popular Red Box's rentals as of Monday, Feb. 4:

If you watch a movie on this list, please share your local review in the comments below.

Upper Marlboro Red Box Locations

Safeway, 7605 Crain Hwy.

7-Eleven, 5315 Water St.

Giant, 5700 Crain Hwy.

7-Eleven, 4704 Crain Hwy.

Further information on Red Box movies, availability and locations is found on its website.


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